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Pang na homestay

Pang na (40 km from phnom penh), Cambodia

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In Pang Na you forget about all your worries. Despite the mosquitos and the stifling heat, the week I spent in the village was one of the most relaxing and impressive times of my life. We felt like being home from the first second on. Mr. Thy, his wife and the two daughters took care of me and my friends; they cooked tons of food for us and were courteous the whole time we stayed there. They and all children of the village showed me what it means to be happy, although parts of Cambodia are still struggling due to its history. It was great to see that Mr. Thy has built up his own school right next to his house. He wants the children to get good jobs in future times. Everywhere we went, a loud and friendly “hello” was shouted out of the properties. We also visited the temples nearby the Animal Rescue Centre was a great experience as well. One of the temples looked even like “little Angkor Wat” and except for us there were no tourists at all. Mr. Thy gave us interesting insights into the Cambodian religions and culture, not only at the temples, but also in the everyday life in the village. For me, there was no better way to get to know Cambodia.

29 Jan 2019

I've been there for 5 day's and it was stunning. On one side a beautiful landscape and really nice people and on the other the poverty of the normal local people who want to share everything they have.

03 Jun 2016