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Monastery experience in siem reap

Siem reap, Cambodia

  • Be a monk for a day in Siem Reap
  • Monastery experience Siem Reap
  • Meditation with a monk Siem reap
  • Jeroen with monk in Siem reap
  • Water blessing Siem Reap
  • Meditate in Siem Reap
  • Monastery visit Siem reap

  • Be a monk for a day in Siem Reap
  • Monastery experience Siem Reap
  • Meditation with a monk Siem reap
  • Jeroen with monk in Siem reap
  • Water blessing Siem Reap
  • Meditate in Siem Reap
  • Monastery visit Siem reap

The Activity


  • Get a peek into the life of a monk in this monastery for a couple of hours
  • Visit the temple where the monks pray
  • Learn about the daily activities and practices of the monks
  • Participate in a short meditation
  • Experience a traditional good luck water blessing
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Minimum number of people is 2 and maximum number of people is 6


Ever wondered about the serene orange-clad monks who walk the streets of Siem Reap?

Have you wondered about life in their sandals? What it must be like, what their vows are, how they survive not eating after 12.00 noon? Now is your chance to experience the life of a monk.

This is a magic experience, where your guide is a former monk for more than 7 years. You visit two pagodas where the monk used to work and he will share stories about his life and experience in the temple.

You will meet the head monk of the pagoda and offered a traditional water blessing. No worries, you won't get too wet, but make sure your camera is covered!

You can see the temple in operation, cooking, cleaning and find out just what it is like to live life, obeying the five major precepts of a Cambodian Buddhist Monk.

The tour continues to the second pagoda where you are introduced to the monk in charge of meditation. Here you have a chance to learn about the art, and depending on the time and schedule you can take part in a meditation session.

If there is time at the end, the trip finishes with a visit to a local market to see local life in Cambodia.

Starting time: Available from Monday to Friday departing at 8AM (return 11:30AM)

In case you are a single traveler and no other people can join the experience that day we charge 12 USD extra to be paid on location.

Meeting point: Your hotel

Price includes:

  • English-speaking local guide
  • pick-up from hotel
  • Boat
  • Drinking water

Please note, this tour goes to a temple adjacent to ancient Angkorian ruins. The cost of a temple pass ($20) is not included in the above price and the temple is not part of the tour. Should you wish to add a visit to Lolei temple, please let us know and either bring your pass with you, or we can arrange for you to buy one prior to going to the site.

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Meet the monks

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Jumreap sooa! We are a group of formers monks and we would love to show you what life is like in a monastery. We will take you to different Pagoda’s and tell you everything about the art and our daily activities. We will introduce you to the head monk. You can ask him any questions you might have… And if you like you can even participate in a meditation session. Hope to welcome you soon!


Our tour guides were lovely, great conversation and taught us a lot. Sounds like they are doing so much good for their community, very admirable. Accommodating when we had a last minute change of plans due to flight delays. Great to see firsthand and more of a “local” experience. The meditation was amazing, will stay with me for a long time, highly recommend this experience!!!

29 Apr 2019

What a great experience we had! It was really wonderful. Thanks so much!

25 Apr 2019

We really enjoyed it! Our favorite part was talking to the monk, and we also enjoyed meditating with the nun.

28 Jan 2019

Thank you so much! Really enjoyed the tour. Great experience.

20 Dec 2018

This experience at the Buddhist monastery was a highlight on our trip. Being able to interact with the monks and ask questions about their daily life was incredible and really gave us insight into their chosen path. We got a chance to meditate with an 82-year-old nun who was so open and warm when I asked questions (through our translator). What a cool, unique day! I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to get a glimpse into the life of a monk/nun. - Tammy Leitner

07 Nov 2018

We enjoyed the experience a lot and the highlight was the meditation! All was organized very well.

23 Sep 2018

It was a very special experience! In the last year we have already seen so many temples, monasteries and pagoda's, but we never had the opportunity to get insight into the life of the people in there, like with this experience. So valuable! We were allowed to see a cleaning ritual and why they were doing it. Afterwards I also received a short blessing. Very special. The meditation was also interesting and made me think (maybe I should research this a bit further). Thanks a lot!

04 Sep 2018

We had an amazing experience with I Like Local in Siem Reap. For once we didn't just see the beautiful monastries and pagoda's, but we actually got to experience them first hand. We witnessed a cleansing ritual done by a monk. Our guide explained what was happening and why. It helped us getting a broader understanding of Buddhism and local life at the same time. Truly a wonderful an unique experience. Would highly recommend doing this when in Siem Reap.

04 Sep 2018

I joined this tour but the car didn't show up at planned pick up time at 8am. I tried to whatapps and the reply is "on the way" so I supposed we are not the only one. After 45 mins the car showed up and the guide said the original guide is back to home for voting. The one who fetched us spoke little English only so we are not able to ask or be informed with anything interesting nor inspiring. And there is no solid reason for why coming that late. The only good thing is the meditation practising with local monk. That's it.

01 Aug 2018

It was a very cool, interesting and valuable experience. Our guide explained everything very well and answered all our questions. We are very grateful that we had the opportunity to have this experience! Thanks a lot!!

22 Jun 2018

We went to quite a few monasteries, the local market, and also got a nice view of the countryside. My guide was very knowledgeable and spoke English very well. Would highly recommend it for anyone who's interested in Buddhism and also for those who would simply want to do a little sightseeing.

12 May 2018

What a great trip. Sensitive, informative, interesting, insightful. We thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you

09 May 2018

I've had a very nice experience during my activity and booking through I-likelocal. I've booked one day in advanced and that was no problem. The next day I got picked up 8 o'clock in the morning to visit the monasteries. A very unique experience I would recommend to everybody who is interested in Buddhism and in the life of the monks and nuns. There is not really a time rush and a lot of space to ask questions and even participate in their activities. I got a lot of information and even a short meditation course by a nun who was 82 years old. Really amazing!

29 Apr 2018

This was a very special and impressive experience! It was wonderful to see how the rituals are done. We got much more insight into Buddhism. The guide was also very kind, knowledgable and spoke English well. Sometimes it was a bit difficult to follow as we were distracted by the things happening around us and that we didn't always understand everything. In general it was very clear and we learned a lot. The meditation teacher was also a very pleasant guy. As we requested a long meditation, this was definitely the case. It was a very special morning! Thank you.

05 Apr 2018

It was great experience! I and my friends very happy. Thank you very much!

06 Mar 2018

My sister and I booked this experience whilst on a short stay in Siem Reap. I must admit I was originally quite cautious on how authentic this experience would be. Well, all I can say it we enjoyed the authenticity of the trip and it completely took us by surprise. We loved it! The Monastery experience was so interesting, authentic, and enlightening. We spent some time helping them with their English and this really allowed us to enjoy our blessing in return. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, don't miss out!

21 Feb 2018

We had such a great experience. It was so authentic and it was beyond our expectations. Thank you so much and please give our thanks to Rotana and Chandr!

30 Jan 2018

This was a trip highlight for me. My guide was a gracious kind knowledgeable former monk who gave me a lot of insight into how Buddhism manifests in Cambodia, along with stories of the lives of the local people. The daily monastery life came alive for me and I felt less like a tourist than an invited guest. I highly recommend this tour for the curious traveler.

16 Dec 2017

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