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A day in the life of a local

Dak dam village (saen monourom), Cambodia

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  • Preparing Cambodian Food
  • Tour guide Dak Dam community is making a fire
  • Going to the farm in Dak Dam
  • The basket maker of the Dak Dam Community


Duration: 1 day

Meeting Point: Not specified

Number of people: 2 - 5



  • Discover a traditional Bunong farm
  • Enjoy lunch with local farmers
  • Experience our local art forms like basketwork and weaving
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Maximum number of participants is 5



In the morning, you will discover the traditional Bunong farm of Chet, Pyeus, Nat or Ping. You will lean about the different activities followed throughout the year and the daily rhythm of our life. You will see the diversity of crops grown and learn about their names and different uses. Then, you will collect vegetables from the farm and cook them with a farmer’s family. Lunchtime will be shared with Bunong farmers.

In the afternoon you will meet Kwet, the blacksmith who will give you a practical demonstration of skills. Then, Kaorem, the basket-maker will show you the raw materials (rattan and bamboo) and how he makes baskets. Finally, you will have a weaving demonstration from Maly and will see the traditional items we make.

Note that the activities are depending on the season. The best season for visiting the farm is when villagers are starting to plant until they harvest from May to December. For the other trips it can be done alll year around.

Price includes:

  • Transportation
  • English speaking guide
  • Food
More information

Meet the Dak Dam Community

Member since: April 2014

We are Bunong people living in Dak Dam village. After great help from different organizations, we are now able to receive you and make you a part of our community! You will join us in our daily activities and we will show you how we live. We would like to provide you with an authentic experience of local people in Cambodia. One of our actual concerns is that deforestation is undermining our livelihoods as forest is important for us as you will discover. We have three community forestry areas in Dak dam which are managed by ourselves. Your visit to our community will also contribute to protecting those forest areas allowing us to regularly patrol and prevent illegal activities. Indeed, 30 % of the cost of each tour is going directly to a community box which is used by villagers for community forest preservation.Our pictures are made by Lisa Arensen.

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