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5-day bhutan tour, trek and cook with locals

Thimphu, Bhutan

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Duration: 5 days

Meeting Point: Paro International Airport

Number of people: 1 - 20



  • Cooking dinner with a local farm family and spending a night on the farm
  • A scenic picnic lunch with locally-grown and prepared foods
  • Learning to make Hoentey, a specialty regional dish
  • Hiking to the iconic Tiger’s Nest monastery and lesser known sites meaningful to Bhutan locals
  • Duration: 4 nights, 5 days
  • Minimum one person (no maximum)

Together we will also explore the daily spiritual and civic life of the Bhutanese while also taking in some of its most peaceful scenery. On this 5-day tour you will spend time at a homestay a local family and enjoy the opportunity to hike to some of the country’s most inspiring cultural sites. You will love getting to know the down-to-earth Bhutanese people, our joyful outlook and sense of humor.



We will make sure you experience the full beauty and delight of Bhutan, the art, nature, family, language, food, spirituality, hiking and scenery! Guests will spend time with some of our favorite cooks, all of whom run family farms in village communities. Experience the cuisine of Bhutan while you cook alongside a local Bhutanese family, each with a unique expertise of the dish that they make. Bhutanese food features traditional, farm-grown ingredients and warm, savory aromas.

Upon your arrival at Paro International Airport, we will greet you just after you've passed through customs and together we'll drive through alpine forests, over valleys, and beyond rivers to reach the town of Punakha. On the way, we'll have time to stop and view the Himalayan vista. Prior to meeting our local hosts for the experience on the farm, we will take a quick walk to stretch our legs and pay a visit to Chimi Lhakhang, which is known as the temple of the Divine Madman (more about him will be shared during the trip.) After settling in on the farm of Aum Karma Yangchen and her family, we'll get ready to cook dinner together, and then feast in the traditional Bhutanese style as our host explains the story behind some of her favorite dishes.

The next day, we'll start off by engaging in the process of making butter or cheese (depending on what the family requires this week.) You'll learn how Bhutanese process dairy at home and what makes it so delicious. If you are vegan, this activity can be skipped and all of your meals can be customized to meet your dietary requests. The rest of the day will be spent exploring Punakha on foot, and by water, as we'll get into the Punakha Chhu river for a light rafting adventure. We'll cap the day by driving to the capital city of Thimphu and witness the daily ritual of locals walking at dusk around the National Memorial Chorten. You'll settle in for the night at one of our favorite small, local guesthouses.

On day 3 we'll explore a bit more of Thimphu on foot and do some shopping for the senses at the Centenary Farmers Market. This is a chance to see what the Bhutanese grow, cultivate, and savor in their local dishes, including sun-dried chilies, spices, fresh fruit, rice, local vegetables, and more. You'll also get a chance to sample the many varieties of natural incense that the Bhutanese produce at high altitudes. Later, we'll drive to Haa Valley for our second overnight stay at another local family farm. You'll be spending the night in the home of Ugyen & Doley Bidha, where you'll learn to make hoentay, a regional type of dumpling that is adored in Haa.

On day 4 we'll drive back to Paro so you have the opportunity to hike to Bhutan's most sacred site, the Taktsang (Tiger's Nest) monastery. After, you'll indulge in a traditional Bhutanese hot stone bath at the local home of Aum Deki, where you will spend your last evening in Bhutan.

On day 5, your guide will escort you back to the airport for your safe passage home.

The tour can begin on any day the guest would like, as soon as we are able to secure the traveler’s visa (please give us a minimum of 7 days’ notice), and will end 5 days after the start date of the tour.

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Meet Chechay Nidup

Member since: April 2020

I developed my passion for sharing my home country of Bhutan in 2011 while spending time with a British family on holiday here. As I watched them discover my country with fresh eyes, their wonder ignited my desire to share the joy and beauty of my culture with others. I love to welcome visitors in small groups to see the places that have made me who I am.

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