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about us

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Who we are

We are travelers, entrepreneurs, and changemakers with a passion for travel and meeting people from different cultures who focus on the greater good.We want to make this world a better place, something that we need to do together by bundling our competencies & strengths.

What drives us is connecting people from different cultures and different walks of life to create that energy sparkle that makes us oh so happy and that leaves us with a memorable travel experience. At the same time, we want to leave a positive footprint and create value. Therefore we started I Like Local.

What is I Like Local

With I Like Local we connect people from developing countries who offer authentic and truly local experiences to conscious travelers who are looking for something genuine and unique to experience during their trip. In this way, local people and their communities get access to a source of income via tourism and you as a traveler will get a memorable travel experience.

Local people earn 100% of the money they're asking for their experience and we add our fee on top. Our experiences are crafted with clear focus points: authenticity, personal, and impactful.

Our belief in doing business

We're not a traditional company. We are a company with new principles that prepares for a different, more sustainable way of doing business.

A company that doesn't believe in a traditional way of doing business focused on unlimited profit-making, because we think this will negatively affect others. We believe in optimal growth instead.

How you will notice this as our customer

  1. We are completely transparent in our pricing
  2. The local hosts are free to set their price (though we give advice when needed)
  3. We don’t charge them anything
  4. We add 20% on top of their price so that we can continue doing our business, offer more experiences and thus support more hosts
  5. We aim to make the customer journey a personal one
  6. Thanks a lot!

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