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How it started

The idea of I Like Local started when I was working as a business consultant. In a world led by money and short-term vision, I never truly felt I was working on anything valuable. I quit my job and moved to Brazil. There I found a chance to combine my passion for other countries and cultures with my belief in the principles of The Sharing Economy: combining strengths, collaborating and sharing to create more value for more people worldwide.

During the early days of my idea I have spoken to many to find out why they are traveling. It confirmed my expectations; more and more people seem to look for more simple, authentic and unique experiences. Interestingly all of the explanations were related to spontaneous meet-ups with locals. It didn’t matter if they were on a budget travel or if they were spending more. They were invited for a dinner or a party; they were offered a bed or taken to a special ‘insiders-place’. These were the moments they remembered as the best and are exactly what locals can offer.

With I Like Local I want to create value for both the local and the traveler in a simple and sustainable way. This I am doing together with my team of wonderful people.


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